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"Medicine with Love from Daegu saved a Greek"

Medicine with love from Daegu saved a Greek
By Chang-Hwan Lee, Athens, August 28, 2004

A beautiful relationship between an old medical professor in Daegu and an eminent physicist from Athens National University is the talk of the town with a glad impression in Athens where the Olympics is being held.

It happened between professor Tai-Ho Chung aged seventy one, an emeritus professor of School of Medicine, Kyungpook National University and Professor Manousakis Arkadios aged fifty of the Physics Department, Athens National University.

Their special relationship started in last February when professor Manousakis Arkadios was looking all over the world for new treatment to heal his son well. His son aged seventeen was suffering from a rareness disease, Desmoplastic Round cell Tumor which just two hundred patients fall victim to all over the world. His son relapsed into it at the end of last year.

He became sick in 2000 and had been treated with several operations and medications in the U.S. and England. However, his condition never took a turn for the better and those medications were not constitutionally suitable for him. Due to severe pain he could not even walk and also suffered from sudden abdominal dropsy. His father, professor Manousakis Arkadios, made every effort to find a way to treat his son and finally found professor Tai-Ho Chung’s anticancer immunotherapy which improves immune surveillance of white blood cell against cancer cell from an American medical journal published in 2002 through the website.

He could reached professor Chung through the Korean embassy and appealed to professor Chung with help. Professor Chung felt sympathy by his heartfelt letter as a fellow profession and invited him with his son to Kyungpook National University Hospital for his treatment, but Korea was too far to travel for his weak son. Professor Chung determined to send his therapy to Athens and began to supply the injections to an utter stranger, professor Manousakis Arkadios since last March. Both a blue-eyed physicist holding his critically ill son and a Korean old medical researcher who had devoted his life in medical research and education tried to save a young life together without seeing each other.

Finally, their endeavor did wonders, his son who seemed never to take a turn for the better before grew better after a month daily injection. His abdominal dropsy began to flow off with relief from pain. They had exchanged so many fax letters loaded informations with encouragement.

Now, his son, Vasilios-loannis, gained in weight of 9 kilogram from 50 kilogram at the time of recurrence. He is restored to health enough to support athletic team during the Olympics.

Vasilios-loannis said, “I has recovered to the 70% of normal state, I don’t feel any fatigue after moving much. I hope to be a novel writer someday…”, in an interview with our reporter at his home. Professor Manousakis Arkadios added, “All I can say is that I am thankful to Dr. Chung. He has helped us as a medical doctor and also made a deep impression on us with his humanity”. He earnestly asked us to send his gratitude to Dr. Chung.

At the good news of Vasilios-loanni’s recovery, professor Chung mentioned with pleasant smile, “Although I have never met professor Manousakis Arkadios, I believe a karma relations from a previous life with him when I saw his family picture. I am very glad to hear that and will do every effort for his son’s recovery”.

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